Exit/Emergency Lighting

Installation According to Regulations

Exit/Emergency Lighting

Emergencies in the workplace can occur when you least expect them. From fire and smoke, biohazard or chemical spills, gas leaks, to natural disasters – your business will always be protected against such emergencies and the possible damage with the fitting of our fire safety devices.

RCA Fire Protection ensures the protection and safety of employees through exit emergency lighting. We provide a visible guide that helps dwellers exit the building with clear sight, even when the power is out. It is able to do so via a backup battery that is supplied and fitted to the building.

Since emergency lights should be given a full rating test every year, a backup of at least 3 hours is optimal. We run the test on a regular basis by checking backup equipment such as backup battery life and a variety of other measures to ensure additional safety. Australian Standards Emergency Lighting is governed under the AS/NZS 2293.2:1995 for inspection and maintenance while AS 2293.3:2005 is the standard for emergency escape and exit signs.

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